Seeing a photo of one of our mobiles hardly tells the whole story.

A mobile doesn’t come alive until it is in motion. And even then the effect it has on you is hard to believe.

When in motion a mobile creates a double emotion in the onlooker – an awareness of the fleeting nature of the moment, and the certainty of an eternal present. It stimulates both sides of the brain at the same time.

You become meditative and are released from the hassle of everyday life.
Activate one of 7 smaller clips – or watch the whole 8-minute glimpse of our mobile universe

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Flensted Mobiles

• Glimpse from the art exhibition centre "Filosofgangen”:

"Five Decades of Flensted Mobiles”. The weights assert gravity – the feather-vanes defy it.

• We collaborate with famous museums all over the world to make mobiles.

• An invitation to our studio: watch the "birth” of Tango, the
play with shapes and balance, continued in the basket of our hot air
balloon "Aeris Elephantis” crossing the Great Belt – and above Odense,
the native town of Hans Christian Andersen.

• Our largest mobile "Black Rhythm” – no less than 4 metres – created for Odense University.

• Life is eternally now when seen through the eyes of a child,
or the eyes of Old Mummy Ellen, as she patiently assembles "Wisest
Owls”. Get wise. Joy is ageless.

• Enjoy the dancing shadows of ballerina papercuts by Hans
Christian Andersen that have come to life behind the knitting
co-founder, Grethe Flensted – the wife of Chr. Flensted.

• Finally a return to the "Five Decades of Flensted Mobiles”:
The touch of a finger, a gentle breath, causes the mobile to gyrate
round a core of stillness.