Hans Christian Andersen paper cut-outs

686 Palm Angels

This is derived from a motif showing two angels under a palm tree to Julie Sødring (1823-94), an actress at the Royal Copenhagen Theatre. In her book ”Hans Christian Andersen, and his intimate Circle”, Baroness Rigmor Stampe writes about the cut-outs as follows: ”While Hans Christian Andersen sat and told stories, he folded a piece of paper, let his scissors wind in and out, unfolded the paper, and - lo and behold - the figures appeared. These figures often resembled each other, but were still unique. Here, as in his fairy tales, he used a certain range of motifs which he constantly repeated. These were castles, swans, pixies, angels, cupids and other imaginary figures”. The original paper cut can be seen in the Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Odense.

Design: Hans Christian Andersen
Size: 9 cm high
Material: Cardboard