Hans Christian Andersen paper cut-outs

682 Pixies

These paper-cuts are motifs from Andersen’s largest and most intricate paper-cut made in 1874.

In 1925 Hans Brix, a famous Danish literary critic, wrote: “It is a world held in a square with the majesty of the sun at the bottom, and the full-fledged madness of a theatre group at the top: human figures are juggling while the supernatural world is weaving its way above. Twin figures are everywhere: an abundance of funny little figures in pairs grow into view, and the beholder is taken on a tour of the child’s magical dreamworld. But if you watch the picture as a whole, you only seem to see the ingenious and elaborate pattern of a lace table cloth – all arranged in harmonious symmetry: as by a breath of the human spirit this fairyland has gone back into its hiding place.”

Design: Hans Christian Andersen
Size: 7 cm high
Material: Cardboard