The Mobile Hospital

The Mobile hospital

Our mobiles are known for lasting many years – often longer than an automobile. Sometimes they are even inherited by a 3rd generation!
But you might possibly have bad luck one day, with the mobile getting entangled and/or falling down, because of too strong a draught from too many open windows - or the like.
How to unentangle or repair your mobile:
The most important thing: take your time - have patience.
Lay the mobile flat on the table.
1) Choose some peaceful time – late in the evening, or perhaps when the kids are at school or….
2) Lay the mobile on a table. Use a small screwdriver or knitting needle. Start to untangle little by little – gradually it should become clear how to get rid of the tangle.
3) If the mobile is out of balance, hang it flat against a wall using a small nail or push pin into the wall. Loosen the string on the metal bars, adjust until it is in balance again, then lock it into position with a small dab of
(white) glue.
4) If you need spare parts, we may be able to help. Please send an email, including model name or number plus your address and we will try to help you out.