12 black elephants on a rainbow

"Aeris Elephanti"

In 1990, we started flying hot-air balloons. We claim that it is important to us, as mobilemakers, to explore the movements of air at almost every altitude!

A hot-air balloon ride is very special. The surroundings and the peace when flying contribute with movement and balance to the mind, which is the same effect our mobiles have.

Our hot-air balloon has been designed by Ole Flensted – inspired by the highly popular mobile: "The Elephant Party”. We fly 12 black elephants on a rainbow in the blue sky above Funen. The hot-air balloon is, because of its graphic design, a treat for the eye. 

 "Aeris Elephanti"

The hot-air balloon is registered in the name: "Øj – Se Op" (OY – COP), meaning: "Oi- look up". The balloon is 20 meters high and 17 meters wide. The woven basket, which is hanging below it, is 1 meter x 1, 2 meters, in which there is room for the captain and three passengers.