Below you will find all our mobiles. Recent mobiles are in top. In bottom you will find the very first mobile from 1953.

If you click on the picture you will be able to read more about the single mobile, as well as different color versions.

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157 Flying Flowers

155 Guardian Angels 5

127 Circular Angels

124BW Life & Thread, black & white

113B Fatamorgana/Mirage XL version 2018 (160 cm)

008EH Science Fiction Ellipse

062Dan Symphony XL, nature

062Ds Symphony XL, black & gold

37Bag Golden Rhythm (135 cm)

37Cag Golden Rhythm (170 cm)

136 Stratos

155d Guardian Angel

158s Drifting Clouds, black

094a Love Dove

124h Life & Thread, white & gold

419 Memorabilia 4 (Postcard mobile, small)

419B Memorabilia 8 (Postcardmobile large)

158 Drifting Clouds, nature

061 Square Root 9

8an Science Fiction Nature

62Ban Symphony, nature (38 x 85 cm)

149b Olephants, blue

110Ban Futura Natura (large)

110B Futura (large)

149p Olephants (plexiglass)

154Ms Counterpoint (black) in large

154Mn Counterpoint (nature) in large

156 Perspectives

24b Five Flying Swallows

71s Elephant Party (black/white)

126w H.C. Andersen's Ballet (white/red)

113s Fatamorgana (black/white)

155a Guardian Angels

154an Counterpoint (nature)

154s Counterpoint (black)

441 Niels Bohr Mobile

440 Moomin Mobile version 2014

153 Giraffes on the Savannah

152 7 Steps 4 Ladders

110an Futura Natura

151w Free Mind (multicolour)

151g Free Mind (yellow)

151s Free Mind (black)

150g Kites (green)

150s Kites (black)

436 Museum Jorn Mobile

434 Guggenheim New York

30113 Lady Bird

433 Flying Chairs

149r Olephants pink

149 Olephants, black/grey/white

432 Moomin Mobile version 2009

148 Splash

147 Pixy Family

429 Fluxus Mobile

146s Flying Saucers II

145 Turning Angels

428 Bauhaus Mobile

428b Bauhaus Mobile (40 x 94 cm)

426 Tate – Terry Frost

30112 Kitty Cats

30111 Butterflies

30104 SailFun

30103 Locomobile

30102 Aeromobile

30101 Automobile

144 Hocus Pocus

143 Breeze

142r Reflections (red)

142s Reflections (black)

141w Turning Leaves (black/white)

141L Turning Leaves (long)

141s Turning Leaves (black/red)

140 Circular Bunnies

138 Prismas

135s Wings

417 Circle Square/Guggenheim

133g Tango (yellow)

133s Tango (black)

133b Tango (blue)

133r Tango (red)

132 Metamorphosis

130 Cyclephants

131 So Close

409 Feline

126 H.C. Andersen's Ballet (black/red)

125 Rollephants

124B Life & Thread (205 cm)

124 Life & Thread

120 Crane Dance

119 Penguin Talk

118 Horse

117 Doggy Dreams

116 Floating Fish

115 Hugging Bears

114 Soaring Seagulls

113 Fatamorgana

112a The Happy Frog Mobile

111a Chick-Hen (yellow)

110 Futura

109 Le Chef

108s Talking Tree (black)

108 Talking Tree (col.)

107 Sheep mobile

106b Cheese Mice (col.)

106a Cheese Mice (black/grey)

103d Prismas Tree (gold)

103b Prismas Tree (white)

103a Prismas Tree (green)

102 Monkey Tree

101g Stella Nova (yellow)

101r Stella Nova (red)

100 Swan Fantasy

99b Calendar Tree 1

99a Calendar Tree 3

98r Piggy (pink)

98 Piggy

97 Angels of Love

96 Jonas and the Whale

95 Cats

094 Peace & Love

93 Lucky Bats

91b Christmas Trees 10

91a Christmas Trees 6

90b Hans Christian Andersen's Balloons (multicoloured)

90a Hans Christian Andersen's Balloons (black)

89 Harlequin

88 The 3 Happy Sealions

87 Noah's Rainbow

86 Pixies in the Xmas Forest

85c Angel Chorus (25 angels)

85b Angel Chorus (16 angels)

85a Angel Chorus (9 angels)

84r Expecting Mother (pastel)

84 Expecting Mother

83 The 4 Vikingships

82 Hedgehog

81g Happy Whales (yellow/green)

81s Happy Whales (black/grey)

80 Easter mobile

79 Panda mobile

78b Balloon 5

78d Balloon 1

78a Balloon 3

77 Circus mobile

76c No Smoking, Please

75 Pierrot

74 Miss Charleston 1928

72g Puffing Troll (green)

72b Puffing Troll (blue)

72r Puffing Troll (red)

72s Puffing Troll (black)

71 Elephant Party (col.)

68s Veteran Viking

68b Veteran Viking (blue)

68r Veteran Viking (red)

67 Mr. Bowlerman

64 The Juggler's Apprentice

62 Symphony in 3 Movements

60 Dolphinarium

59 Santa Claus

55 Bimmelim

52 Mobile d'Amour

51 The Wisest Owls

46 Angel Family

45 Femininumasculinum

601 H. C. Andersen Mobile 1990

603 H. C. Andersen Mobile 1993

602 Fairy Swans

40 Expecting Fish

39f Prize Hen (green/orange, 110 cm)

39h Prize Hen (pink, 110 cm)

39g Prize Hen (yellow)

38 Christmas Ornaments

037C Black Rhythm (170cm)

037B Black Rhythm (135 cm)

037 Black Rhythm (100 cm)

037Ban Silver Rhythm (135 cm)

37CAN Silver Rhythm (170 cm)

37ag Golden Rhythm (100 cm)

37an Silver Rhythm (100 cm)

37AB Blue Rhythm (100 cm)

037CAB Blue Rhythm (170 cm)

037Bab Blue Rhythm (135 cm)

31 Valentine - Happy Hearts

30 Shoal of Fish

27 Dinghy Regatta 5

26 Dinghy Regatta 3

24 Swallow Mobile

23 Angel mobile

18 Viking Mobile 5

17 Viking Mobile 3

15b Sea Horse Mobile (blue)

15r Sea Horse Mobile (red)

15s Sea Horse Mobile (black)

12 The Ugly Duckling

8 Science Fiction

5F Flowing Rhythm (90/170 cm)

5w Flowing Rhythm (rainbow/black)

5g Flowing Rhythm (yellow/black)

5r Flowing Rhythm (red/black)

4 Scandinavian Swans

1 Danish Lucky Storks