On this page you will find all our contemporary mobiles. Recent mobiles are in top, and you will find our "Black, Blue and Silver Rhythm" created in 1968 by Chr. Flensted in sizes. Click on the pictures, and you will have more information behind the mobile: alternative colors and sizes.

113B Fatamorgana/Mirage XL version 2018 (160 cm)

136 Stratos

419 Memorabilia 4 (Postcard mobile, small)

158 Drifting Clouds, nature

124h Life & Thread, white & gold

8an Science Fiction Nature

62Ban Symphony, nature (38 x 85 cm)

110B Futura (large)

154Ms Counterpoint (black) in large

154Mn Counterpoint (nature) in large

156 Perspectives

113s Fatamorgana (black/white)

154an Counterpoint (nature)

154s Counterpoint (black)

441 Niels Bohr Mobile

152 7 Steps 4 Ladders

110an Futura Natura

151w Free Mind (multicolour)

151g Free Mind (yellow)

151s Free Mind (black)

150g Kites (green)

150s Kites (black)

436 Museum Jorn Mobile

434 Guggenheim New York

433 Flying Chairs

148 Splash

146s Flying Saucers II

428 Bauhaus Mobile

428b Bauhaus Mobile (40 x 94 cm)

426 Tate – Terry Frost

143 Breeze

142r Reflections (red)

142s Reflections (black)

141L Turning Leaves (long)

141w Turning Leaves (black/white)

141s Turning Leaves (black/red)

135s Wings

417 Circle Square/Guggenheim

133s Tango (black)

133g Tango (yellow)

133b Tango (blue)

133r Tango (red)

132 Metamorphosis

131 So Close

124B Life & Thread (205 cm)

124 Life & Thread

113 Fatamorgana

110 Futura

101g Stella Nova (yellow)

101r Stella Nova (red)

62 Symphony in 3 Movements

52 Mobile d'Amour

037C Black Rhythm (170cm)

037B Black Rhythm (135 cm)

037 Black Rhythm (100 cm)

037Ban Silver Rhythm (135 cm)

37an Silver Rhythm (100 cm)

37CAN Silver Rhythm (170 cm)

37ag Golden Rhythm (100 cm)

037CAB Blue Rhythm (170 cm)

037Bab Blue Rhythm (135 cm)

37AB Blue Rhythm (100 cm)

8 Science Fiction

5F Flowing Rhythm (90/170 cm)

5w Flowing Rhythm (rainbow/black)

5g Flowing Rhythm (yellow/black)

5r Flowing Rhythm (red/black)