Bon Mots

Über Flensted Mobiles:
"Bewegung ist Leben"
"Mobilens liv, som hænger i en tråd
Gi'r ved sit eksempel dette råd:
Liv er ej blot hast fra sted til sted
Den, der hviler, lever også med" (Erling Fischer)

"A mobile is a must, and the must is a Flensted Mobile" (Chr. Flensted)

"Alle love kan brydes, undtagen tyngdeloven" (Ole Flensted)

"En Flensted Mobile er håndlavet - selvom den er serieproduceret" (P. H.-J.)

Ode to Flensted Mobiles - i anledning af vort 50 års jubilæum:
Fifty years hang from the ceiling
"I´m sick of dusting them, my dear.
So get those damn things out of here!”
Thus Ole´s mother raised her voice,
And Ole´s father had no choice.
He opened doors and windows wide
And lovely mobiles, Flensted´s pride.
Floated, light as dreams, outside.
Floated from Fyn, the isle of birth,
To circumnavigate the earth
And that was fifty years ago.
Light years they´ve been. So now you know
How Flensted Mobiles came to be
A habit, cult and industry.
From the old schoolhouse taking wing
And lighting under everything:
Over desk and under door,
The butterflies of home décor.
The playthings, they, of every breeze,
Every whisper, every sneeze,
Confined by thread of gossamer,
Yet infinitely changing, stir.
Feathers, fish and flowers flow,
Swallows, slipping, sliding slow,
A minuet of shapes and hues,
That never sleep and never lose
The balance of their stately dance:
The harmony of choice and chance
Light as wishes, light as hope,
Patterns make for we who grope
Through life with too much static stuff,
Too much freedom, not enough.
Fifty years on, the mobile mill
And the schoolhouse door be open still.
And we hope they always will
Ole, Aase…and the elves
Now mobile magic make themselves.
And not too late, and not too soon,
Deliver sometimes, by balloon.
But fifty years on, a question fair
Still suspends like a mobile in the air
Fifty years of suspense no answer brings…
Who the hell are supposed to dust these things?!!!
Happy Anniversary!!!
From Helle and Dick Blystone June 2004 for your 50 years anniversary.