Hans Christian Andersen paper cut-outs

Hans Christian Andersen mobiles and paper cut outs

Before the Flensted family became makers of mobiles, they were publishers, and published the works of Hans Christian Andersen in many languages.
If you have an old Hans Christian Andersen book on your bookshelves, it might be from Flensted’s Publishing House.

As well as telling tales and fables, Hans Christian Andersen also made paper cutouts, for adults and children alike. It is said that he always carried a large pair of scissors, 24 cm long, when he went to dinner parties.
In the middle of a conversation, he would produce the scissors, fold a piece of paper and move it deftly through the scissors’ jaws. Hans Christian Andersen created around 1500 paper cut outs.

Between 1980 and 2003, Christian and Grethe Flensted ran a shop only metres away from Andersen’s house in Odense. After 1982, it became a Flensted tradition to publish a cutout each year.

These cutouts are mounted on a thread and supplied with an envelope and a greetings card with a portrait of Hans Christian Andersen. They make an original greetings card or can be used to decorate your Christmas tree.

126w H.C. Andersen's Ballet (white/red)

126 H.C. Andersen's Ballet (black/red)

90b Hans Christian Andersen's Balloons (multicoloured)

90a Hans Christian Andersen's Balloons (black)

603 H. C. Andersen Mobile 1993

602 Fairy Swans

601 H. C. Andersen Mobile 1990

12 The Ugly Duckling

683 Swan Dancers

686 Palm Angels

697 Man In The Moon

689 Sun Troll

688 Swan Man

685 The Tightrope Dancer

687 Pierrot

699 Heart

695 Pixie Troll

693 Janus

692 Balloon Dance

684 April Fool's Dancers

682 Pixies

691 Jericho Dance

698 Dancers

694 Concert Angel

690 Mill Man

Cut outs

"Millman" FM-690 * "Sun Troll" FM-689 * "Janus" FM-693
"Palmangels" FM-686 * "Swandancer" FM 683 * "Pixies" FM-682 * "Dancers" FM-698 * "Balloon dance" FM-692 * "Dancers" FM-684 * "Concert angel" FM-694
"Man in the Moon" FM-697 * "Pixie Troll" FM-695 * "Heart" FM-699 * "Jerichau dance" FM-691 * "Pierrot" FM-687
"Linedancer" FM-685 * "Swan man" FM-688